Week 4 is Over

Photo courtesy of Michael Lorenzo, 2008

The fourth and final week of Chaplain Initial Military Training (CIMT) is completed.  CIMT focuses on basic soldiering skills and tasks that every soldier is expected to know and become proficient in as they navigate through the machine known as the US Army.  As a prior service member, it’s been a good refresher and foundation to build on as we enter into more focused Chaplain training.

This past week we focused on and talked a great deal about the professional ethic and noncombatant status of the US Army Chaplain.  One of our instructors made a statement directed at Reservists.  He said, “We need you in the Reserves to example to the Civilian world who we are.”

The lesson for me this week is understanding and being content where God has called you.

Often we focus on our future goals rather than the current mission of God.  We say that we’re content where God has placed us but continue to look the next step that draws us closer to our own goals.  If we truly surrender ourselves to the vision and mission that God has placed in our hearts, then where He has placed us is the perfect place to see His glory be made known, regardless how difficult that circumstance of experience may be.

4 weeks down; 9 to go.  Hua!

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