Photo courtesy of Staci Becker, 2005

Why?  That’s the question that usually keeps sleep from us.

Why do I want to give up?  Why do I want to remove that “one thing” that keeps me from rest? Why am I not able to focus on anything other than that “one thing” that compels me to give up?

We all wonder the answer to the questions of why in our lives.  As I think about that question, I keep thinking about that one thing that the Apostle Paul called his “thorn in the flesh.”  I know the Sunday school answer is why it was put there – to keep Paul humble.  I get that.  But still, why did he want it gone?

Easy.  It hurt.  No one really wants pain, conflict, discomfort, or sorrow.  Yet, those are the things that God uses to transform us into His image and bring healing to those around us who’ve lost all hope.

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